Friday, February 16, 2007

This bliss of ours will never end.....

This bliss of ours will never end…..

Through the tears and the pain,
In the heat and the rain.
With the smiles and the laughter,
Holding hands walking together.

Baby, you’re the one for me,
Always together we’re meant to be.
The best in us for the world to see,
Hold my hands, Our love will breathe.

The oneness that our hearts share,
Despite the differences we have.
This infinite love that I bear,
Tells stories without any compare.

I wish I had you in my arms,
I wish I could just prolongue this trance.
The distance between vanishing before my eyes.
This journey I travel to hold my prize.

The moments that you speak silence,
The volumes that I hear just then.
Keeps my heart beating for still another moment,
The brutality of miles submerging into obliviousness.

In the trees I hear your name,
In the breeze, I see your face.
On my walls, I imagine a million portraits.
In my ears, I feel you whispering,
Close my eyes, You stand before me,
Falling down, your lap comes beneath,
Miss a step and you pull me up,
Blinded by all, you give me sight.

For you my love, I make this pledge,
Till the breath ends, together we’ll tread.
In this journey and the next,
This bliss of ours will never end.

To a really special person......

For you my love, I need no special day,
I needn't confess my love in a million ways.
Never need to express the deepest of feelings,
Love coming out in a thousand different meanings.

But I still would do all of that and more,
Each and every day another new old lore.
Not many are well given a friend to love,
An Angel to take me up heavenly above.

Memories being the air keeping me breathing,
Your kiss forever will keep me yearning.
You bring a smile to my heart,
I'm sure even death can't do us apart.

Every day a new thread binding us together,
If one should break,Ten form in its wake.
And now I wish, I could wake up each morning,
To the sound of your breath onto my neck.
The warmth of your lips on my cheek,
The touch of your fingers on my skin,
And the feeling of our hearts beating as one.

Every touch sends a thousand chills down my spine,
I love so much that you are mine,
I love you today as from the start,
I promise to love you forever with all of my heart.