Wednesday, January 08, 2014

This New Year 2014- Kumi Version2.014

It's been a year and a half since I wrote anything up here. I keep asking myself why I never do write anything here anymore. Then I figured that it's not just me. Most people don't seem to be doing blogs anymore. The only ones actually doing blogs are companies, startups, products etc. It seems to be a commercial thing nowadays! I think that's because most of us are now more into Facebook and Twitter. You think sometime and in a moment's notice - you've shared it already!

Anyways, looking back at my journey over the last couple of years as an entrepreneur - I've realized that being Co-founder of Moojic has taught me more than I could ever learn all through my life! I've learnt so much every day. Every day is a new crisis - It's either dealing with Client issues, Operational nightmares, employee issues or financial issues! And being Co-founder, you realize that you actually land up doing the shittiest of jobs just so that things get done! End of the day, if someone's not doing what they're supposed to do, you just pick it up and start doing it yourself. Be it, cleaning the office or filling up excel sheets or just walking to the store nearby to pick up paper for the printer. When things have to get done, they just do and you don't wait around for someone to do it!

With Moojic, I have learnt that when you're first starting things, you want everyone to believe as much as you do. But over the journey, you get lost and then realize that people working with you are young kids. And they're so confused. We as inexperienced leaders of startups sometimes get people wrong and expect everyone to commit the way we do! But then that's mostly not what works! And as a startup, one should expect the unexpected and plan for it. I've learnt that sometimes chaos just isn't the best way forward and we at Moojic have spent the last month and a half putting systems in place to ensure things run smoothly. I think we are at a better place than where we were 3 months ago. However, in a small setup like ours, when you turn your focus so deeply into one aspect of the business there are other aspects that take a hitting. But then that's taught me that Sales isn't the single most important function as you build a business! Operations takes the forefront as one scales.

I've also decided to spend more time this year on myself. To get myself to fitter levels, to find time to something different and to meet more people on a social front. I've been more of a social recluse these last few years and it's time to reconnect with people and go out more often! I've also decided to share things that I learn on this blog more often! That's Kumi Version2.014 for you!

And for all those entrepreneurs out there - I have to warn you that having an idea is the easiest part of starting up! It's what comes after that brings you down! So to all those with those lovely ideas out there - remember it's execution that counts and patience to stay out the long run! All the best. Let this year bring the best out of all of us and the best for all of us! Happy New Year 2014 to all of you out there.