Thursday, April 20, 2006

Where and Why do u go!!!

Hey everyone...
Today i'm packing my bags to leave this college!! Been here for four years... amazing story its been... more on dat some other day.... But as i was cleaning up i found this poem of mine i had written like a long time back and thought i'd post it here.....

This darkness shows no day

In moments of despair,
I wonder how I'll fare.
Where did u leave me to be?
Blinding the eyes that you taught to see.

Where do I hold to stand?
Why did u throw me away?
I keep searching for your hand....
This darkness shows no day.

In the times that I weep,
The sadness into me it creeps.
Why did u say to me?
That with me u will always be??

I can't hold on anymore..
I'm lost without ure glow.
Where was I meant to be?
Where's the courage u gave me??

These wounds don't seem to heal,
Time going by, i can't feel.
Would you ever again hold me?
Can I ever again dream??

Should I go on ahead alone?
I've always walked with you.
And now I'm limping along...
My tears are never few.

The many things we shared,
The way in which you cared,
The sweetest smile I were to see,
The warmth in your touch I were to feel.

When I were to feel so low,
To you my heart's words I would pour.
Now why did you let go,
The happiness we shared I feel no-more.

The memories don't desert me,
Even long after u walked away.
Every little thing you said,
Doesn't dislodge itself from my head.

Your voice still lingers in my ear,
The lonely nights i fear.
Your every memory will always be with me,
Your spirit is in me with immortality.


Livewire said...

dude when did you write this...

Kumaran said...

wrote it quite some time back... like a year back... why??

Anonymous said...

hey kumaran anna goood poetry send me one dont forget