Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A new Chapter.... A new beginning

Its been ages since I got down to filling anything here... But now I feel I have to describe my life as it has changed drastically.

Mysore - A life totally unparalleled by any other phase of my life! Being left with all the time in the world, giving my mind space to think about anything and everything. Movies, Games, TV, eating out, etc etc... that's all I ever did in Mysore... I was getting a salary, but didn't really have anything big to do to justify all of that. Almost a year of sitting idle doing nothing but enjoying my life. But one fine day, I decide to get back to Chennai, get back for the sake of love, for the sake of getting back with old friends, for the sake of a new life.

Chennai - I get here to be assigned a project right from the day I arrive. Within a week I was working about 10 hours a day. I hardly had the time for any of the stuff I was so used to. And in another week, I was working 12 hours a day. Off course, atleast the project I got into wasn't the kind of stuff I detested, but rather more to do with being able to communicate with people and co-ordinate with people. So that calls for some consolation. But the person I got here for has been so busy that we actually hardly get time to be with each other or speak to each other. But despite the busy lives we have, I feel we have got to be so much closer and our relationship has gone to a totally new level.

One decision - And life can change beyond imagination. Who would think, I, of all people would sit in office for 12 hours a day! I find it difficult to believe, but yes its true. And the best part is, its not as bad as I thought it would be. Off course I found it difficult in the beginning - the heat, the working hours, getting up early in the morning, getting back late, not being able to watch at least a movie a day and so many other things! But now its fine, I have something to keep my mind occupied and it isn't running wild with crazy ideas. I am more confident of who I am. I am trying to be a role model for the people around me. Holding on to a few of my emotions which other wise weren't really helping me!

Change - Takes time to set in... but for sure is inevitable. I'm hoping sooner than later, I get to be able to take the next big step in my life. I know what I want and I'm hoping it happens pretty soon. I just realised I'm all ready to take the big step.

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