Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Puerto Gallera - Poor man's Bora?

When we realized that there was really nothing else to do in Tagaytay, I started evaluating other options and then when I realized that Batangas was close by and hence I thought of Puerto Gallera . Puerto Gallera is referred to as the "Poor man's Boracay" by many people as it offers a beautiful beach at a not so expensive price. 

We set of on our drive to Batangas. It took us only an hour or so to get to Batangas and we went to get a Ferry ride to Puerto. The ferry would cost you from 200-250 pesos. I would suggest you take a single trip ticket since though those guys say they have a boat leaving every 15 minutes, in all probability they would just have 2 to 3 trips a day. So you could always buy another ticket for your return from any of the companies on your way back.

The ferry would take you about an hour to an hour and a half to get to White Beach. There is another beach called Sabang but that is recommended only for the divers. White beach is the commercial tourist destination to be at. We got there and looked up a couple of hotels. You can find a decent hotel room for 1000 pesos good for 3 people to stay in. We got there and just took a quick walk around the beach. Then took some rest in the room and got out. We went on this Banana boat. It's like a raft kinda thing where you gotta sit and hold on. It's attached to a speed boat and they drag you in the water and keep dunking you into the ocean. Of course, you have a life jacket and other things! It's good fun. Costs about 200 pesos per person. But they wait for about 8 people to get started since that's the capacity of the raft. It was good fun. But remember do keep your wallet, phone, etc out as all of that would get drenched.

After that, we just took our time walking around the beach. There are other water sports available (Water scooters, para-gliding, snorkelling, island hopping etc). We had already done most of the other things and hence we chose to just walk around the beach and look around to see where we would have dinner. Most of the places are filled with Barbecue joints with fresh sea food. A haven for sea-food lovers.

At night, we had dinner at the most crowded resto as it had a barbecue and also they had an entertainment show. There were mostly eunuchs who were performing! The show was good - they had a fire show, they had some dances, some of them singing and what not! It was fun... But mostly for couples and to hang out with friends...

But overall, for a very affordable trip, head out to Puerto Gallera... You can even go by bus to Batangas and then get the Ferry. My estimate is that for a good weekend, you can do the trip within 2500 pesos per person inclusive of everything!


meds09 said...

Actually, from Tagaytay one can take a bus for Nasugbu (P80.00++) and explore the beaches there. The stretch of Apacible Blvd in Nasugbu is dotted with Resorts. You may opt to go high-end and head for Punta Fuego or the Hamilo Coast. Turn Left to Lian and you will find good ole' Matabungkay. Decide to go further on and you will find Calatagan where Lago de Oro is, Golden Sunset Resort and more further up to the Parola "Lighthouse:". If you like diving and snorkeling, there is Anilao (Mabini), but maybe some beach resorts signs in Calaca and Lemery might just lure you while passing by. Turn inland to Agoncillo and San Nicolas and there are fresh water (Lake) resorts there. You will find these and more in Batangas.
Batangas Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.

Kumaran said...

Thanks for the advice. I will make it a point to do this trip too. I still have not got my Diving License and so would probably take that up in Anilao then. Will keep my journeys updated on my blog....