Friday, February 04, 2011

Zamboanga Restaurant - Filipino Cultural show every evening

Time and again, when relatives and older people come to Manila, I am at a loss at what to show them or where to take them. What the Philippines stands out for are the beaches, the malls and then more malls! But once you've shown then a beach, a volcano and a dozen malls, what else is there to offer in Manila?

Well there are loads of churches that can make for better viewing experience that visiting Intramuros. I found Intramuros to be pretty boring - mainly ruins. But the churches are splendid.

Another evening can be spent at Zamboanga Restaurant in Malate. They have a free cultural show every evening at 8:30pm. The restaurant is primarily famous for its sea-food and attracts a tourist crowd. It's pretty expensive and a meal for 3 will push you back by around 1400 Pesos or so.

But you get to watch traditional Filipino dances and musical instruments being played. Worth spending dinner to enjoy an evening.

Check out the website at Zamboanga Restaurant

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