Monday, February 13, 2006

Are You Lonely???

Have you ever sat down anytime and wondered about the purpose of your very existence in life??? The fact that life is limited to just you and all u see or hear around you and not the entire globe as u are made to think. Life is not a constant state, it can be said to be a variable state which changes according to the person who uses the word.

For instance, when u are talking about life, U are only referring to all that you can see and all that u know about or rather all the people in your social network, the happenings in your life and all that happens within a radius of ure existence. And while the discussion's on these lines, have you ever thought of the fact that you may be very alone. All other people around you are just figments of your life.... the fact that is intricately hidden in the threads of the projected image of LIFE!

Can it be true that you as a person are totally alone, and all others are just around you for you to learn how to play the game... How to move the pawns on this chess-board of life??? Like the tree in the picture, despite the fact that it is alone on deserted land, it stands strong and will stand the test of time....Come what may...

I sometimes think over this fact for hours... I do not dispute the fact that emotions and blood forges bonds with people around us. But we are born into this world to be an independent person and how much ever we may think other-wise, we are living for ourselves and not someone else(though we may live to be happy with someone else). Thought that would also be an individual's decision.

Thus it is only in times of problem or reflections into oneself that we come to realise that the life we are living is one that is lonely. The only companion you have is your thoughts and experiences. The experiences that you have been through act as a pathway showing you how you may tackle new problems in life. Thus, experiences are a steadfast companion!!!

So give it a thought.... Are you Lonely?????

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Anonymous said...

read your Are you lonely?

You say our only companions in life are our thoughts and experience... Did you gain those lonely? So our companions are our thoughts due to others and experience with others... And the concept of lonliness gets defeated here...

How will a lonely life go interesting? You always need a 'friendship' --- To share a happy moment, to cry at sorrow and to show off your anger... Now can you do all these lonely? And a person who laughs, cries and shouts to himself is supposed to have mental disorder...

There is always a pleasure in living for others... Your strength multiplies when there is someone to live for you...

Do you know a place where life is completely lonely?