Wednesday, February 01, 2006

CEG and Sathyabhama - A comparative analysis

Well was out with a few friends today and one of them was talking to another friend about colleges like Anna University and Sathyabhama!! The comment she made went like this.. "U know now in colleges like Anna University and Sathyabhama life is so difficult for the students!" I was shocked, and then she went on to describe how both these colleges had dress codes and a ban on cellphones. Well I jumped into the conversation at this point totally angry with the ideas that people form over our college....

But then I got down to do some thinking(been doing a lot of that lately), and yes to a certain extent things at Anna University have been going down to the level of Sathyabhama. And for those of u who don't know wat Sathyabhama's about, well its like a school(some schools are better) with a serious dress code.. A very strict ban on cell phones, And of course guys aren't supposed to talk to gals etc etc... U aint even allowed to keep a discman or walkman in the hostel. I think that's heights!! And now the ba@%$d that we gotta call VC here in our college is taking our college on the same lines!! I sometimes wonder wat he's got in his head!

The guy's actually so jobless that he goes around the place looking for gals wearing mini skirts bikinis i guess... Is the guy crazy??? And yes as LiveWire pointed out in her blog... The ass dint even know that we had smart cards already in existence in our college.. He's so busy upto nonsense.... I think our college has always had a great atmosphere and a wonderful mix of students... And never have i seen a guy or gal "indecently" dressed. In today's fast moving world, how does a pair of "jeans" affect anyone?? Well that's Vichu f@#*&r 's problem. Guess since the guy's been single for such a long time, even seeing a gal in jeans seems to be disturbing him!!! And mobile phones, well I agree that maybe a ban on using it inside classrooms is fine, but on campus??? Wat are we hostel students supposed to do then??? Use the one damn phone that each hostel has?? Well we're staying away from our parents and it is necessary to be able to speak to them! And frankly speaking, I don't think a ban is necessary at all... Most students in college are above the age of 18 and should be able to decide for themselves what they should be doing and what they should not be doing!!!

And just imagine publishing an article on porn in Anna University in the newspaper!! It was in the Hindu for heaven's sake. Is he trying to bring our college name to the streets?? About that article, he published an article in the paper saying he had caught some students watching porn in the hostel. He even gave a press conference on this issue, trying to point out that students were still immature and that they needed to be guided.. blah..blah... blah...

Well about those porn movies- they were "Girl Next Door" and "Poison Ivy". Two Hollywood movies!!! Wat is happenin to that guy??? It seems to me that he just gets up everyday thinking of how to get his photo in the paper everyday... Seems to be looking for some kind of "junk" popularity!!!

There was this interview on NDTV with Vichu, Karthik Chidambaram and Barkha Dutt. Well i did not see this interview, but i have heard a lot about this!! Karthik Chidambaram rightly asked him, "I thought u guys were busy building the scientists and engineers of India, and u seem to be busy worrying about wat ppl are wearing!, Don't u have anything else to do!!". Well very true... I guess Vichu thinks its his duty to check whether gals are covered from top to bottom and to check whether anyone's watching a "porn" movie! What would anyone from a foreign university think of our college and of course our "dear" Vice Chancellor??? One hell of a pervert the guy is!!

Well coming back to Anna University and Sathyabhama, I think our college still has a long way to go before this b@#$a$d can take it to the Sathyabhama level... But i don't think its impossible for the guy!!! He's so bloody narrow-minded that i'm sure he'll change things slowly...

I feel that in college, responsibility is wat we learn the most. Being free to do as u please, but still doing the thing that u think best for ureself. This is wat i have learnt. I have had my share of bad experiences(loads of dat) but at the end have come out a wiser person. These lessons are more important to me than any others that i have learnt in my classrooms! If you were to bind a person, to a post with rules and regulations, will that help him grow as a person?

Would that help him mature into a responsible adult??
Would that bring out the best in him when in unpleasant situations?
Will he be able to tackle the many hurdles in life?

After all education lies beyond our books, It lies in the path we take and decisions we make. But as all other final year students(we're gonna finish our course here in a few months), we just crib about the way things are going, and feel sad for our juniors. None of us think of doing anything!!!
Well, someone should cage that ass and keep him there for a few years to teach him a lesson!!


Anonymous said...

yes very true.I strongly support you.

Anonymous said...

My dear friend,
Our col is the worst and especially our hod, shit.........................