Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Making our Paradise

Would you be there to smile at me every day,
Would we be together to see the sun everyday.
Would you choose to go with your heart.
Or would you rather say goodbye and part?

Would you rather leave behind all the thoughts?
Or would you like to stay to build those thoughts?
Would you rather feel my hands slipping away?
Or would you rather hold them through the sway?

All I want to do is hold you all my life,
I can’t even think of another way.
I wouldn’t know where to hold on,
I wouldn’t be able to go too long.

I’d be totally beaten back,
Not able to find the track.
I need to know if love is pain,
Or whether its there to cover the rain.

All these tears are not just in vain,
I know there’s someone watching me in pain.
And love would be a prayer I have sent,
A life with you I’d never resent.

Would you ever feel the way I feel?
Would you ever hold me as I sleep.
Would we get to be in our dream,
Or is it going to fade away with the sleep?

Will your voice always echo in my ear?
Or is it going to take me into fear?
Every second moving closer to the fence,
Hanging on to our every last defense.

Together we will recreate the meaning of love,
Together we will hold onto all that we’re there for.
Paint the picture that we’re meant to draw,
All our colours bringing to fade everything around.

This is what is meant to be,
Don’t know how you cannot see.
Take all the courage you have,
To make this all our very own paradise.

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