Thursday, March 02, 2006

Annexe to my post: Selfishness Vs Villainy!!!

Well i guess i got into controversy with that last post of mine.... And after re-thinking .... I have decided to modify my idea in the following ways.....

Selfishness is in-born and is in each and every human being... But selfishness does not have to mean Villainy... Lets try and classify...

Selfishness is when u do something for ure own happiness....So can villainy be... But the thin line that divides selfishness from villainy is the plain fact that when u do something good for ureself and when the other person also is happy from wat u are doing- the act can be deemed selfish but it is good. That is the person is happy that you have helped him with something, but the fact is u actully will land up being more happy than him!!!!

When u do something for ure pleasure(note the word pleasure) causing pain to another person, that wud be deemed as a case of villainy!!! So pleasure and happiness can mean two different things... The happiness u derive from some pleasure is just momentary.

This classification i obtained as the result of a discussion with my friend Guillaume!!!! Hope i have been a lil more clear with this post!!!!

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