Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A new beginning, A new dawn

Our early steps were filled with apprehension,
Moving around with widening eyes.
Casting a glance at all that was immobile,
Hoping for a new beginning, a new dawn.

Walking through numerous corridors,
We've evolved into sturdy and secure pillars.
But still we can never pass into oblivion..
The stories in them engraved, each so genuine.

The trees whispering their little secrets,
Standing through watching the silliest of quarrels.
The numerous ones they've seen come and go,
Sealed lips these secrets forever they hold.

Memories remain etched at so many a post,
Timeless bends these places are to host.
Emotions staying hooked on some layers,
These places and persons will forever be in our prayers.

The most obvious of times we study!
With open books for hours we sit and chat..
These discussions have made our economy all the more sturdy!
Worrying not about our grades suffering a set-back.

Timetables scheduled and deadlines to be met,
Tables drawn and lines to be set.
Classes discovering new purpose,
Probably a movie or a drink would suffice!

The professors we were deemed to respect,
Mostly with an ego so bad, we don't know wat to expect.
"I've seen thousands of you", they'd say...
"Then why not someone else", I'd pray!

The scent of flowers and the "huddling" of lovers,
The flirty looks and the more "devily" ones.
Small time romances to those of epic proportions,
Down our roads, we've seen all directions.

And now our steps have become larger,
We are to move on into a new threshold.
And again we are to go back to apprehension,
Hoping for a better beginning, a better dawn.

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