Thursday, March 09, 2006

Just another day except for.........!!!!!

Well today's been a day of sorts!!!! More on the negative side though... i decided to vent my feelings here... So bear with me ppl.....

For starts, the day was all good till evening after my dance class(yes i am still going for my dance class). I left with guillaume to clemence's place and Karthik left for college.... Well we planned a nice evening with food and some drinks at Clemence's place as Arnav and Will(her friends) were to leave tomorrow.... So we called Dhaba and ordered some food... Then I get a call from Karthik saying he's in an accident and needs help immediately... So i leave immediately from T Nagar and get to Kotturpuram.. Get there to see Karthik's car in a bad shape and a Honda City ahead also in a pretty bad shape... Luckily no one's hurt there.... So then since we dint want to register a case with the cops, we had to come up with a compromise, though i wanted to yell at the other guy... coz he was talking to Karthik like no one makes mistakes in the world! For heaven's sake, we told the guy that we would cover all his expenses!!!!

Anyways, after dealing with Karthik's car and dropping Karthik at the hostel, I go back to Clemence's place to see dat they're still waiting for the food!!! It was one and a half hours since i left the place and there was no food!!! So i call the Dhaba guys and very decently ask him where the food was!! He said it wud be there in five minutes. A dozen calls and another half an hour later, a guy comes with food from Dhaba!!! So then i called the manager and had an argument with him again. We agreed to take the food if it were given to us at half the cost or else we were leaving to another restaurant to have our food!! After another hectic argument, we sent the guy off with the food and set off to have our diner at Murugan Idly Shop(which is open till 12 in the night). The time now was bout 11.35.

Then we walk down to the gate of Clemence's house and find it locked!!! "Oopsie... we gotta wake the watch-man", I thought... But then Clemence comes with a bunch of keys saying the watch-man had given her a spare key to the gate!!! "Wow, dat's cool", I thought to myself. We go try to open the gate to find out dat the "Smart watchie" had changed the lock. So now we gotta wake him up. Guillaume and myself move over to wake him up(he's fast asleep under a mosquito net) and he refuses to open the gate saying we are not allowed to go out after 10!!! Since when did watch-men decide when their house-owners were to leave and return to their place... So when i started arguing with him... it went on for some time... To the extent wherein my dear Bro, Guillaume got angry and yelled at him asking him to open the gate. Then he made some totally lewd and uncalled for statement about Guillaume and the fact that he is a foreigner!!! This got me worked up!! For heaven's sake he's working here and wat rite does he have to speak badly bout a person he hardly knows!! I was very angry and worked up!! Things got hotter and if not for a small gap, I guess the guy would have been hammered and brought to where he deserves to be!! He ran to the secretary's house! Well this lady came out... I told her the problems and well she was very understanding!!!! Well it ended with her asking that guy to open the gate for us!!!

Well this incident got me thinking!! Why do people have to come up with opinions about ppl without really knowing them??? That guy was angry with the fact that foreigner's were staying there and they come and go at wat ever time they want!! But for crying out aloud, who is he to care... He's gotta do his job and mind his own business!!! He needn't care bout wat other ppl do.. As long as he minds his own family(I came to know later that he's got two wives!!). So i guess dat wud mean he's got a lot of family to tend too... So why poke his nose into other ppl's lives..... Well i'll leave this topic for now and get back to it later when i have more time!!!

Well, apart from all this, it was a wonderful evening at Clemence's place with friends...And yes, there was more in store for me when i got back... Audrey's back... Feels good to know a good friend is back... Got her message just as i started typing out this post!!! Wud be great to meet her tomorrow after like a month!!!!

And yes, my Industrial Visit(Tour) plan got through and so my class guys are leaving tomorrow night to Cochin!!! My paper, the one on "Value based Approach towards identifying Quality Bottle-Necks" got selected for Q-Quest!! Pune and myself had submitted for last years Q-Quest. But last year's even was cancelled and hence it was automatically taken as an entry... Cool!!! Thing is its on Friday morning... So we guys are gonna attend the presentation and then leave only on Friday night!! We'll join our guys at Cochin or Thekady I guess!!! Anyways... well today couldn't be just another day right??????

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Kumaran said...

ya man... india is a great country. I don't know much about Russia though.. U can tell me more about it... But i do have two friends(they're french) who speak Russian... And i don't know wat's on March 8th in Russia.. U tell me!!!