Thursday, June 08, 2006

A letter to the Prime Minister...

This poem was written by me when i was 15 years old to the Prime Minister regarding the social evil of child labour:

Adressed to the highest power in the country,
You have the power to change society.
I am a child with a heart,
Requesting you to play your part.

If all were born equal to nature,
Why are these children put to such torture.
If you or I could bring about a change,
Lets get going and climb this range.

I call forth all the people with a conscience,
Who will put all they have to erradicate this nonsense.
When we unite we stand high and tall,
Stronger and tougher than any wall.

If all this is possible,
What right have we to be inaudible.
After all children are God's gifts,
Help them now as they need a lift.

There is no greater force or bond,
Anywhere on this planet's bounds.
As we carry love in our hearts,
Which still many need to be taught.

No laws and saws can help out,
In this situation of severe drought.
But i call out as a caring child,
Help me to carry this project high.

Please take note of this letter,
Don't discard this as just paper.
Its about time we woke up,
Its time we made a difference.

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Seema Anvarudeen said...

Awwwww so cute! Where are you Kumi? Whats with the silence? I am almost thinking of evoking your name!