Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"When I fell in love" - My first poem.......

I was just doing some cleaning through my cupboard and I came across an old scrap book of mine... and it had some of the poems i first wrote and this particular one was the very first.This was when i was in the 10th std.(that would be when i was 14 years old). That was the first time i tried my hand at some poetry... and here it is....

When I turned fourteen and changed completely into a teen,
I met a girl that glittered,
Beautiful curls which put Cameroon Diaz's into the litter,
Her beauty to be compared to the crown jewels.
That made me decide that I wanted this jewel,
Then it flashed to me that I had fallen in love!

I tried to talk to her, Or rather impress her!
She was the friendly kind,
The type nobody would mind,
She was witty and intelligent,
All this made me nothing but urgent.

I tried to summon up the courage to tell her,
Always backing out with a tear,
I kept trying to tell myself i was brave,
But then i was lying to myself!

I told my friends about the matter,
Experienced, wise guys I'd say,
They laughed over it in such a way,
Believe me they couldn't sit, no way!

I asked them what was wrong,
They told me I was taking too long,
"For what", I shouted completely frustrated,
Together they said, "Its time you dated".

Then I decided it was high time,
And so I made up my mind,
I went through all my Shakespeare lines,
And then was all ready.

I went up to her full of fear,
All thorough with my Shakespeare.
"Oh beautiful one, It has struck me,
That I have fallen in love with thee,
What a couple, you and me!"

And as i waited for her answer,
I couldn't take the torture.
"Well", she said and up went my head.
She laughed, could u believe it.
"Pray tell me why you laugh at what I said",
Then it came,
"We could be the very best of friends".

So she said,
And then my heart bled.
As though it were being torn to shreds.
"Sorry", she said meekly,
"I understand", I said weakly.
"Bye", she said and with that one word,
Went my whole world!

This whole friend business,
Was all but a polite reference,
To slamming the door on your face.
As she walked away...
I decided to introspect.

These girls I tell you,
They are used to it.
A routine day of theirs,
Is filled with a heart or two of ours!

And so this little love story ends,
With the hero failing,
Very unlikely to bend,
With the truth of the end.

Well I still haven't travelled,
On the ungravelled pathway,
To a distant paradise called love,
This is all that happened when i first fell in love!!


Anonymous said...

true experience??

Anonymous said...

Hey kumaran !! jus read de first love story of urs!... she s definitely Not-so-Lucky! simply good fr a first poem .. Its true "LOve MAKEs a Poet!"