Friday, September 03, 2010

Despicable Me - Movie Review

This movie was undoubtedly one of the best surprises I've had this year. A couple of friends give me a call and ask me if I wanna join for a movie. Of course I said yes... for the popcorn. Went for this movie and found that this was such a hilarious movie. Lately, animation flicks seem to be doing much better than any other movies. I loved UP and now I really loved this movie. The characters are all so well defined and the humor is perfectly ingrained into the narrative of the movie.

The story is just about two villains trying to be a bigger villain than the other. One of them manages to steal the Pyramids and hence the other is all out to now go after the MOON! The rest of the story brings the plot together!

And they actually have a bank for evil villains to fund their wicked operations! In the movie, they show that the name of the bank was formerly Lehmann brothers! Now that was unexpected... but very funny! Many such jokes later, they show us that Gru (the primary villain), whose voice is provided by Steve Carell just wants to be accepted and loved and he begins to love the three orphans he uses as pawns in his master scheme!

I would give this movie 8 stars out of 10! Go watch it..... It made me laugh....

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Monica said...

I thought the evil bank was a great touch too! I rented Despicable Me from Blockbuster for my two younger brothers and I to watch together and I can tell you it really is a family movie. Enjoying this movie with my family made me really glad I told my mom about DISH’s new offer to give Blockbuster free for three months, I work for DISH and let her know as soon as I found out. We all really loved the movie. My mom thought it was sweet and my brothers were laughing the whole time; the minions were a great touch.