Friday, September 03, 2010

iOS 4 on iPhone 3G

I plead with all the people out there looking on information as to whether you should upgrade the software on your iPhone 3G to the latest version, to take a moment to read what this post has to say!

I'm sure iTunes must be reminding you time and again that there's a new software available for your phone! Well, it did the same to me and I waited for quite some time before I did the install. What tipped me over was an iPhone 4. A friend of mine from Singapore brought it over and I totally loved it. I was so tempted to get the new OS and hence went ahead with the update.

And now.......... I almost feel the iPhone is JUNK! Coz, it has become so slow.... that at times you really want to throw the phone out of the window! Why the hell would Apple allow iPhone 3G users to do this update. They are so careful about so many freakin things.... but why did they do this to me?? Now, if I want to go back in time.... as in... Install the older OS, I see that I will land up losing a lot of my data... involves a lot of my time etc etc..... So I just dint do it... Since I'm anyways waiting for the new iPhone to land up in the Philippines.... Honestly if Globe tests my patience anymore than this, I will have to get it from Singapore or elsewhere! I think I will wait for another two weeks tops before I get myself a new iPhone!

Anyways, bottom line - people using the iPhone 3G, don't upgrade your softwares. Those who have already done the upgrade, here's something that may help:

  1. Do a hard reset of the phone, not once but twice
  2. If you don't know how to do a hard reset... here are instructions
  3. Hold the power off button and the center key together for around 5 seconds
  4. You will first see the slide to power sign (Keep holding)
  5. The phone will switch off and restart showing the apple logo on the screen
  6. You can now release the buttons
  7. Do this twice
This basically cleans up your RAM and allows it to be free for operations. The phone becomes considerably faster for the next few days. I actually do a hard reset every few days now.

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