Tuesday, September 21, 2010

iPhone 4 launched in Philippines - Globe, 26th September launch

It's official! Finally..... After waiting for months, Globe gave me a call a few days ago! They're launching the iPhone 4 here in Manila on the 26th of September for personal users. The corporate guys get it on the 24th of September if I'm right.

This offer is initially available for those who pre-registered their interest. I was one of the first guys to register my interest apparently and hence am eligible. In fact, on the Globe website , it still says "iPhone 4 coming soon" . About the available plans, they are basically giving the iPhone 4 for personal use for free with the P3799 Fully Loaded plan. This comes with unlimited data usage. They also have it with the P2499 plan but there's a cash out of around 7000 pesos if I'm right. There are more plans for 5k and above too....

So basically, they asked me to submit all the requirements - Address proof, ID, Proof of income etc. (Oh yes, the iPhone 4 is available only for those earning more than P30,000 per month apparently).... After I submitted all the documents, they had a recorded phone interview to check eligibility. I'm done with that process now.

I was told that in the next few days, I will receive an electronic stub if everything is approved and all goes well. I need to present the stub on the 26th of September (I have to collect it on that day at some event planned by Globe and Apple together) to collect the iPhone 4.

I thought that most people would know about the launch date already but was surprised to see no updates in online forums... So, just thought I would put it up on my blog for interested people.

More details at the Globe link that was sent to me - Click here

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Glad to hear that from you. I planned to buy iphone 4 in Singapore I heard that they have big discount there.