Friday, September 03, 2010

It's official - I'm an APPLE Fan!

And Nine months were all it took! I am totally in love with my Macbook Pro (MBP). For those of you who do follow my blog (the trace lucky few), I had a post last December for first time Mac users . I had taken a pledge to not use Windows for as long as I could. I win people! Till date, my Macbook Pro has not seen a copy of Windows installed on it. I actually have done just fine without Windows. Well, to be honest, I have to accept that I wouldn't have been able to manage at work. I have an office laptop running Windows XP to keep my office network people happy.

Anyways, I can firmly state with a lot of conviction and confidence that anyone who begins using a Mac will not want to ever ever go back to Windows! I seriously do find it difficult navigating Windows now. Trust me... Apple has built such an intuitive and user friendly OS that is clearly in sync with the hardware inside. I hardly have any serious issues with my MBP and in all of these months, its hung on me TWICE! The only Microsoft product that I use is Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 which frankly feels much better than what they have for Windows. The themes and templates are in plenty and are so built to match Keynote (Apple's version of Powerpoint). I heard that Windows 7 addresses many of these woes, but I still haven't had the opportunity to check it out.

My journey with Apple has just begun. I had the iPod, I still have the iPhone 3G, I have the Macbook Pro.... and just recently I went and got myself one of those fancy Time Capsules. Wonderful stuff....It basically is a wireless router and a hard disk put into one piece of equipment. The Time Capsule is able to wirelessly backup all the data on my Macbook Pro. I am even able to use it as a wireless server. Apart from this, it also sends out two sets of wireless signals. One that can be used for guests to only be able to use the internet. Another for using the internet and also having access to all the computers connecting to the network. And it took me just 5 minutes to set it up! The first back up is best carried out with a LAN cable and can take well over 6 hours (assuming you have around 200GB of data on your hard disk)...  But then what do we have 1TB of storage on the Time capsule for!

I'm now waiting for the iPhone 4 to be launched in the Philippines after which I am most certainly getting myself one of those! I think I'm one of the most frequent visitors to the Globe website .  I go there everyday to check if they have any news on when they are launching the iPhone 4 in the Philippines! For now, the wait continues!

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