Thursday, December 30, 2010

Barong & Kris Dance - Bali, Indonesia

Batu Bulan which is the Barong & Kris dance will probably fall into any tour operator or any travel itinerary that anyone plans for you. All the day tours start with this show. It starts at 9 30 am and is a one hour performance. This is a traditional Balinese dance and the entrance fee costs around USD 8 per person.

Well, I expected a lot from this show and I was terribly disappointed. This dance like most other Hindu dance forms focusses on expression on the dancers eyes and hand movements. The small portion that they showed us circled around the battle between good and evil with references from the Mahabharata. I think the show was no way worth the money spent and it was so boring. I'm guessing that this is because that this is something that is just prepared for tourists and is no where close to the original. The drama was not scened and choreographed well, the handouts they gave the audience wasn't scripted well and it came out very Clearly as a money making endeavor. The saving grace was the fabulous costumes.

And speaking about moneymaking, the entire tourism industry seems to be working in perfect unison. Any of the drivers or tour guides who take you into this Barong dance actually get a commission. And a pretty good one at that. So they really push you into going for this one.

Have posted pics of the same. The costumes were great as I said but there was nothing more to speak about this show. Total waste of money.

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