Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kintamani, Batur active volcano - Bali, Indonesia - "Worth the view"

Well, yet another active volcano in Indonesia, only this time in Bali. When we first saw the itinerary presented to us by the folks at our hotel, we wanted to cancel the volcano from our list. Felt like we've seen and had enough of volcanoes!

However since the driver insisted, we went along. We just prayed that there would be no rain or fog to play spoilsport to ruin our view.

The drive to the volcano was a wonderful experience. So much of greenery to be found in Bali. Also, the architecture as we passes the country side was amazing. So many temples all along the way.

You have a view of the Batur active volcano and a huge lake from the view point that we were taken to. Reminded me of Tagaytay in Philippines a wee bit. Worth the drive and the view.

We also got to see the famous rice terraces on our way back. This driver also took is to a spice garden. Basically, it's like an estate where they give you sample coffee and otter drinks to taste and try to get you to buy coffee. I'm pretty sure the drivers make a commission from them here also. We got to taste the famous (for the poop reasons) Kopi Luwak - the cat poop coffee. Basically there are these wild cats livid in the coffee plantation and they feed on the coffee Cherries. This goes through the digestive system and comes out in the poop. They clean it and make it into coffee. It's now an exotic variety. We bought some too. Was pretty expensive though.

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