Monday, January 30, 2006

Exams at Anna University

Well was going through my friend Pune's blog and he had this interesting post on how we study for our exams.. Actually how we change in the way we prepare for our exams in the four years that we are here in Anna University and i thought i'd share some of my thoughts with u guys!!

Well like he has rightly put on his post....
First year - We start studying one week before the exam
Second Year - Maybe about three days before the exam
Third Year - About a day before the exam
Final Year - The morning before the exam.. maybe open the book to see where each topic is!

Well this is how we are now... We don't really get worried or upset that we have an exam the next day. Schedules don't get postponed or appointments don't get cancelled just because we have an exam the next day.. Life just goes on!!! Its just another day in our lives!!!

Well I guess our attitudes change with time... Now we have developed different ways of making sure we get good marks. Ironically over the years, my marks have been increasing!!! He he.... Marks increasing as the time I spend for a subject decreases!! An inverse realationship!!

Well there are so many reasons for that... The main one being the C2D policy... Well for those of you who haven't read Five point Someone by Chetan Bhagat, C2D stands for Co-operate to Dominate. Well its a process wherein each of us split wat we need to study!!! He he... There are other reasons too as to why grades increase but I aint going to go into the details of that!!! Well thus that explain why I can score 40+ in an exam for 50 (Its an exam in C++) without knowing how to code a line in C++!!!

Anyways... We've just got another three months or so to finish college and now we've learnt how to survive and get through our courses without a problem! Well i got an exam on Ethics tomorrow... And me still gotta get down to opening my book... I better get down to doing that or else i won't be able to make my contribution to the group.. Well guys catch u later... And for further help on the policy of C2D just voice ure views in the comments or in the shoutbox and i'll get back to u on that!!!! Au revoir... A demain

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