Sunday, January 29, 2006

Paritrana - The future of India

Well I was amazed after i read a mail from a friend of mine. It spoke about Paritrana- a political party formed by young students from IIT. Well looks like they've taken a leaf out of Mani Ratnam's Yuva! Five IIT'ians form the core of this party and all of them are in their 20's.

It isn't easy giving up fat pay-cheques and campaigning around the country. So why don't we lend them our support and maybe see them make a difference to the political scenario in our country. We have seen our country being governed only by people over the age of 60(conservative estimate). Maybe it is time now for the youth of India to make a difference to the country.

I think it would have taken tremondous courage on the parts of these students. Having studied in such world-class institutes, they must be under heavy pressure from their families and friends to take up good jobs or study further. But their continued efforts must be lauded.

When we sit and chat with friends over the Indian political scenario(well we do discuss politics once in a while!), we always do find fault with most of the things happening around us. We criticize every politician and blame corruption for the state of matters in our country. But if we were to think of doing something about this, I don't think one of us would be ready to lift a finger.... Most of us are too worried about our jobs or higher studies!

So here's to the success of Paritrana... spread the message around.. And the link to the article about Paritrana that was published in the economic times is given below.,curpg-1.cms

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