Friday, January 27, 2006

Rang De Basanti

I saw the movie Rang De Basanti and i thought i'd share my views. Well firstly I went into the theatre highly disgusted with my friends for dragging me along to watch a hindi movie, and that too buy a ticket in black for Rs.150.

The first half of the movie was at times boring. It had its bits of fun too... Like watching the movie sometimes makes me feel that i'm wasting my college life... Aamir Khan and his group of friends are college students who live up life and have loads of fun. They make numberous road-trips which is filmed amazingly. There is this Foreign gal(English or American) who comes to India to shoot a documentary on Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekar Azad etc. Due to lack of funding, she manages to convince Aamir Khan and his friends to get to act for her...

The second half of the movie takes a twist and is fast moving. The background score by A.R.Rahman is amazing and the visuals are great. There is this scene where these guys are near an airport runway(outside of course) and they run towards the plane that is taking off. The plane takes off just over their heads which makes a great scene.

Siddharth and Madhavan are South India's contribution to the movie i guess. Madhavan is a pilot and plays his role with ease. Surprisingly Siddharth has not been side-lined. Rather he has a very big role, which is even more important than Aamir Khan's role.

The song Paatshala makes you want to set off on a road-trip immediately. But the song i liked the most in the movie is a song called "Roobaroo". Its amazing and reaffirms the fact that A.R.Rahman is the best Music Director in the country!

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