Sunday, January 29, 2006

What lies ahead...

Well i've gone over this so many times within myself... Wat lies ahead for me.. 21 years of my existence has come to pass and now what is waiting for me ahead??

When I was a small kid in a school called Cliff School at Ooty, I was just waiting to leave school and join Lawrence School, Lovedale(yes i knew i was going there after my third standard). To me then, Lawrence was a school for big children and it meant a lot more freedom! Things went on and I did get to Lawrence eventually. And then my life went on... We have three smaller schools in Lawrence(divisions of hostels and classes actually)- Prep School(upto 6th std), Junior School(upto 8th std) and Senior school(upto 12th std). I kept waiting to go ahead... And when I did get to Senior School I looked forward to getting out of there too. I left Lawrence School in the 10th std and went to Montfort School, Yercaud and was there till my 12th.

I kept looking for change.. And when I did get there I kept looking ahead.. But sometimes deep inside I miss my earlier years. Now I am on the verge of finishing my college at Anna University, Chennai(College of Engineering Guindy). Today, i think back at all those years and wonder how life has changed for me over the years. So many different incidents which have on the way shaped my character and perspective over life... Here lies the irony of the journey.. Always looking to go ahead and still looking back and wondering whether life was better then! So many different bonds of friendship, so many different types of people and ways of life.

Now when i wonder what lies ahead for me, I'm also wondering about whether I would actually prefer to go back into time and re-live my school days. I still remember those times in which I would get into some trouble in school and wonder why I was in it in the first place. Now i laugh at those days and feel it did help me become a better person on the whole. Well now atleast i've become a little clear on what I'm gonna be doing after I finish my college. I am going to join the software company Infosys. That would take me to Mysore for about three or four months which would mean a new change in my life-change in my environment and change in friends. Which again looks exciting but at the same time brings in a sadness of sorts, having to leave my college, my friends here. I don't know how many of my friends I will still retain over the years to come. Like in school, when i was going to leave, I felt this way and was so sure i would keep in touch with most of my friends. But today I guess I am in touch with only a few of my really close friends from school. I have no idea about the whereabouts of the rest of them.

And further on, after I join the company, will I stay on for many years or will I leave to study further or join another company! So many roads to take, each one of them looking equally promising! The only thing I know for certain is that I will have to leave my current set-up. The future can be so confusing. Also, there is always the pressure of living up to my parent's aims and aspirations for me. But that doesn't bind me into their already mapped journey for me!

I think I have always been a thinker, a person with ideas flowing. And one who believes that success does not lie in the grades and academic excellence of a person. Rather it lies in the way, a person can view a problem and come up with a solution that is not prescribed in any books. So its all about developing the way you look at what lies in front of you. Thus a person can be successful in any place as long as he is able to bond himself to what he has to do and think along the lines of his work. So i need to be in a position to contribute to change and this I guess will take me a long way. Renumberations will only be a by-product of "out-of-the-box thinking".

I feel that most people lose their individuality after they settle into their jobs comfortably and live a stereotypical life. They don't need to think too much as solutions to most of their problems are already documented and they would feel lost if a new problem was put in front of them. To solve such problems, they would then spend loads of the company's money by means of hiring consultants who by the way are mostly people who think out-of-the-box! So one should be careful not to keep his thinkings within the confines of staying within what is expected to him and instead always think of all the possibilites.

Well coming back to what lies ahead, The future always evokes a myriad of thoughts but the past evokes a myriad of occurences and bonds. So we need to remember the past as we step into the future.

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