Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Memories flowing through me....

I feel you in the air,
On your face that ever so sweet smile you wear.
I see you all around,
Your thoughts keep me forever bound.

Those many moments i spent with you,
Then i never thought i would lose.
But today when I think back,
I wonder where it was that i fell slack.

I still remember the instance you crossed my path,
Altogether you stole my heart.
Keeping me forever clinging,
To the many memories lingering.

The more i try to lock those memories,
The more they seem to flow by me.
And the more i try to move on,
The more i think of where i went wrong.

Life is supposed to push me on,
But my life would never see the same dawn.
Wherein I woke up with that smile,
And now am I in a deep form of exile.

I urge myself to not fall prey,
And push myself onto a new beginning.
But the memories will keep flowing,
The momentary spasms of pain passing.

----------- Myself


Livewire said...


i know poetry is left to the reader's imagination n all, but the way u sound here, i got three words for u : GET OVER IT !

either that, or u r still hung over an unrequited love.

then again, mayb it s jus my imagination. this is last sem of undergrad da, live it up. u got a great bunch of frnds !!! dont miss out on it.

her said...

Would make a very good song..