Friday, January 13, 2006

Innocence beyond boldness!!!

This gal i know... well goes like a rat,
But don't be fooled coz she's one hell of a brat.
And when she's bathing in her innocence....
She's taking many a guy's rational sense.

Treading past many paths...
She's takin with her so many hearts.
And when she's done doing that,
She tries talking u into a pact!!

Behind all the talking she does,
That childishness leaves u stunned.
Watch that smile coming your way,
Coz ure gonna join her huge brigade...!!!

P.S: Dedicated to a very good friend of mine... Hey gal ure out there and this goes out to u!! A friend always... Take care...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey !!!
Not bad...!! u wrote that thing in 5 mins...!
U write good poetry!!... cool..!!!
Ure a Sweetheart....n u know it!! stay the way u are..!
Take care...
hey...i want u to write more stuff abt me on this silly blog of ures!!get soo bored readin it..!!hehehe...
jst kiddin..!! u write really well...
keep it goin..
take care..!
Lotsa luv