Monday, January 16, 2006

A long night...

Hey everyone... Had a ball of a time again... Man this week rocks...Went to Clemence's place in the morning.. that would be at about 11 in the morning i guess.. Then went to Vijay's place for pongal... Was nice... Vijay's mom was reading palms..She read Kevin's and Clemence's palm... Well talkin bout palmistry... I have never been able to believe that it is possible to foretell a person's future from the palm.. Well i respect beliefs.. but i don't want to believe...As i feel we already have enough on my head...When i cannot keep in pace with the past and the present(that is my thoughts)... Why think of the FUTURE!!! Why not take things as they come... life wud get borin i guess... Anyways.. then we left from there and went to Clemence's place and sat down at the balcony with a cup of tea... From there.. we picked up Audrey at Alliance... Well her room at Alliance is wonderful.. Fills u with energy.. Haven't seen a room with so much colour...So bright and energetic i think..And she painted it all herself!!! Great!! Then we left to coffee day and we were there for about three hours i guess! Was nice.. Coffee day at adyar is one place where we feel so comfortable.. We talk for hours over a cup of coffee(or more!!) over a wide range of topics... Then we left to Platinum(its a disco)... Was great...But yes it was a long night!!!
Take care.. Good bye

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